Claim Policy

All concealed damages are to be reported within 7 days of delivery to Brooks Furniture Xpress.

Concealed damage claims reported within 7 days of delivery will be settled on a percentage of actual manufacturer's invoice cost.

Tariff limitations will apply to high value goods, not to exceed $1500.

All glass tops, marble/stone tops and acrylic products will not be processed as a damage claim if not noted on freight bill at time of delivery.

Brooks does not participate in claims involving crated, palletized items, items on skids or blanket wrapped furniture.

All claims must be submitted online at along with pictures of the damaged piece, including carton pictures.

The carton and all internal packaging must be kept on any piece involved in a claim. Failure to retain carton may void the claim.

Pictures of the piece & full carton pictures and the Brooks barcode label must accompany each claimed item. Pictures should include close up of damage and a picture of the entire piece.

Obtain an estimate from a local repair shop, if one is available and the damage is repairable. Also email the estimate to referencing the Brooks Pro#.

If furniture is not able to be repaired locally, it will be picked up to be inspected for repair at our repair facility. The damaged item must be properly packaged for return to ensure no further damage occurs. Failure to package properly could void the pending claim.

Do not order a replacement for any claimed item until a disposition of the claim has been decided by the Brooks claim team.

Brooks does not reimburse for receiving/cartoning charges for items involved in concealed damages.

Brooks Furniture Xpress is not responsible for any damage on pieces that have been moved from the original Brooks delivery point.

All claims will be processed and resolved within 30 days of the initial claim, provided all claims criteria have been met, but will not be paid until the original freight charges have been paid.

Noting 'subject to inspection' is not the same as noting damage at delivery and will be handled as if it was signed clear at delivery.

RA Policy

If you have a Factory Return Authorization (RA), please follow the steps below:

• Fax a copy of the RA to 828-261-0868 when it is ready for pick up. Note on the faxed copy how many cartons will need to be picked up.

• Have all items packed in a carton ready for return.

• Attach a copy of the RA to each carton.

Once we receive the faxed RA, we will issue a pickup. A Brooks driver will make the pick up for the specified RA within 7-10 days. Please allow this time frame prior to calling as the turn-around time can take up to 10 days.

Please note we are not responsible for any items not packaged or any cartons that do not have a copy of the RA attached clearly showing the return to factory information.

If you do not have a copy of the RA, you will need to contact the manufacturer for a copy.